We do our best to create parity in our tournament.
If you play in the WCHL (in parenthesis below) we will refer to rankings to make sure you are place in the correct division. We understand you may have a combination of skill on your team. Please do not underrate the skill level of your teammates, be honest so we can make sure we all have competition. Many teams will have a combination of skill, please try to balance out the skill and some to a balanced skill level.
C1 - Intermediate - (D3/D4) Former high school or long time adult players. These players skate with the puck, can shoot and score, good all-around skaters. May have played some youth hockey.
C2 - Low intermediate - (D4/D5) Little or no high school experience but can skate with a puck and lift with ease, will carry the puck, look up and pass, skate backwards well.
D - Novice - (D6/D7) Can carry the puck, but not 100% confident, working on good passes, working on skating backwards, can skate forward, working on shooting
If you have questions please feel free to contact us at brewcityshowdown@gmail.com