FAQ about Tryouts

Q: Why does Metro have tryout evaluations?
A: Metro Milwaukee Womens Hockey offers competitive travel teams, known as Brew City Blades, as an option for the women hockey player. For these teams we have a tryout evaluation session for the new players coming in and for players wishing to move to another team.
Q: How are tryouts run?
A: There is one evaluation session held in August prior to the start of the hockey season. There are 2-3 evaluators that rate each player on a scale of 1-9. From the evaluators numbers the player is placed on the appropriate team.
Q: Who needs to attend the tryout the evaluation session?
A: All players new to the organization and players wishing to tryout for another Brew City team need to attend the tryout evaluation session.
Q: What if I tryout for a team and do not make it?
A. Returning players will not lose their spot on their current team if they do not make the team they are trying out for.
Q: What if I can't make tryouts?
A: The player may also be evaluated during a summer game or an early season practice.
Please contact Metro for requests. mmwhockey@gmail.com
Q: What if I make a team and it is full?
A: A player that makes a team that has a full roster will be given the option to be a sub on that team. The player may also be placed on a team, not higher than their skill level that needs skaters.
Q: What do I do if I just want to be a sub?
A: Contact us at mmwhockey@gmail.com to request sub position.
Q: What if I want to play on the rec team, do I need to attend tryouts?
A: No, if a player only wants to play on the rec team, they do not need to attend tryouts.
Q: Who needs to fill out the registration form?
A: All returning and new players interested in the 2017-18 Hockey Season MUST fill out the registration form in order to play for the 2017-18 season. This includes players interested in full, sub, travel, rec, tryout, skater and goalie. 
Q: When is the deadline for registering?
A: Deadline for registering for the 2017-18 season is July Sept 1, 2017. If after that date please contact us at mmwhockey@gmail.com
Q: How do I register for tryouts?
A: Registration form is on the tryout page. 
Q: How much do tryouts cost?
A: The cost is built into team fees.
Q: Do I have to be USA hockey registered for tryouts?
A: No, but you do have to register before your first team meeting.
Q: I have more questions, where can I find more information?
A: Contact the Metro Board at mmwhockey@gmail.com