Rec Team

Please check back for updates on the 2021-22 Rec season. We will be looking into an in house league for those that do not want to travel. Stay tuned!!




Q: What is a rec team and who can play on it?
A: A Brew City rec team is a team comprised of skaters of all skill levels who wish to play hockey without the high commitment level and travel required of league play. They do belong to WCHL as an exhibition team.


Q: Where are the games?
A: The games are played at Pettit. They may be some minimal travel.


Q: What is the cost?

A: Cost may be higher per game because there is less traveling and more home games. If there are 13 full time skaters signed up cost will be approx. $200.


Q: How many games are there?

A: Average of 8-10 games Oct thru Feb. 


Q: When would the games be?

A: Sundays early to late afternoon.


Q: Will there be practices?

A: No practices on the rec team.


Q: Who can play?

A: The roster is open to anyone of any skill level, from beginner (w/one year experience) to advanced.


Q: What if I am on a travel team, can I still play on the rec team?

A: Yes if you play on a travel team you may also play on the rec team as a sub or full time player if players are needed. We will allow those that are not on a travel team to fill the roster first.


Q What about jerseys?

A: Jerseys are provided and returned at the end of the season.


Q: Will there be a coach?

A: At this time, no, but this will be decided by the team and if a coach is wanted we will work to find one.


Q: I am interested, what next?

A: Fill out the registration form.  


Q: I need more information, who should I contact?

A: Email Metro board at for more information.