Fundraising FAQ



What does the money earned go toward?
We will always specify what a specific fundraiser is for.   In most cases the fundraiser is to fund your “Personal Account” from Metro, to reduce ice fees overall, or for a specific charitable organization.


Who can participate in Metro Fundraisers?

All Metro members.


Who is considered a Metro member?
A Member is any woman who has participated with payment in any of our on ice activities.


Who do I contact if I have a question about fundraising, have a suggestion for fundraising, etc.?
Nikki Becker, Fundraising Coordinator, at


Personal Accounts
Who can have a Metro Personal Account?
Any Metro Member.


What can I use the money I have in my personal account toward?
Any on ice program supported by Metro.  Including…

• Brew City Travel Teams
• Metro Clinics
• Metro Summer Leagues
• Tournaments where 80% of the participants are Metro members
• Metro apparel
• Monday night scrimmage
• Eble pick up
Don’t see your event on the list?  Contact Nikki Becker at to see if your event qualifies.


Can I roll the funds in my Personal Account over year over year?
Yes, you will be able to roll your funds over year over year.  Should you become inactive for a year with any Metro event or approved event, your funds will be released to Metro.


What is Scrip?
Scrip is the purchase of gift cards from various retailers who provide NPO’s like us a rebate based on the denomination of gift card purchased (rebate amount varies by brand).  There are hundreds of brand names available through scrip and include many brands you shop regularly including BP, Roundy’s, Wal-Mart, Home Depot, etc. 


Where does the money earned from Scrip go?
Your Metro Personal Account.


How do most people use Scrip?
People use scrip differently.  Some will buy gift cards to “pre-pay” for something some of their regular purchases (such as gas, grocery, restaurants they frequency, etc.).  Some will purchase scrip to give others as a gift whereas others will buy Scrip for their favorite retailer or restaurant to save for a “rainy” day. 


Can I have friends/family purchase Scrip and have it count toward my account?
Absolutely!  Have them visit and create a family account.  They will need our enrollment code which is A3B9D26335457.  When creating their profile, please direct them to put you as the “student” so Nikki knows who to attribute the money to.


Can I participate in Scrip if I have never done so before?
Yes!  You can join the scrip fundraiser and start earning money toward your personal account at any time!


Do I have to wait for a Scrip deadline to order?
Yes…and no.  If you are purchasing a “Scrip Now” gift card (which is an electronic gift card and e-mailed to you) or you are reloading a gift card, you can order at anytime.  Just go online and order like you normally do and then e-mail Nikki Becker at to let her know that you just ordered one of these types of cards.  


If you’re ordering a physical gift card that must be mailed, you will only receive your gift cards with order deadlines due to shipping charges.


Is there an additional fee for shipping?
Scrip charges $7.75 per order which is why there are only monthly orders for physical gift cards.  This charge is not passed along to our members allowing you to earn your full potential!


How do I pay for Scrip?

There are a few ways you can pay for Scrip.  You can set up Presto Pay through Scrip to have the amount debited out of your account (like an e-check).  You can pay Metro by physical check (either given to a board member or mailed it in).  You can pay by Pay Pal (link on the homepage of the website), or you can contact Nikki Becker at with credit card information to process.


Is there a fee to pay by Pay Pal or Credit Card?
No, not at this time.


Alpine Valley
More information for the 2019 season coming soon!