Years in Review

The summer of 2007, Milwaukee’s first women’s house league was born and helped pave the way for fall and winter instructional clinics, skills camps, tournament teams and the formation of one Brew City Blades Team (B Level in the Women's Central Hockey League) for the 2007-2008 winter season.  Also during the winter season a non-league, rec team comprised of C level skaters was formed and played other area teams for competitive play.
In 2008, opportunities expanded with the second women's skills clinic, the Second Annual Summer League, and the expansion of two league teams. The Brew City Blades, Metro's B Level team in the WCHL placed first in their division.  That spring we launched our first ever tournament, called the Brew City Showdown which was a huge success drawing in women's teams from across the country.
This is the year we added a third league team to the BCB family competition at the D level. It was a growing year for the D team with many new skaters. The summer games were a blast with many new friendships made. The B level Brew City Blades team added to their first place WCHL Championship with another first place win and the C team winning their first championship. Many fun times were had as the teams continue to develop.
Programs continue to grow. Metro's Spring and Fall clinic were striving with more and more women finding their way back onto the ice. Another team was added to accommodate the growing number of skaters. This year we re-aligned the teams creating a Red Team (A), Grey Team (B2) and Green Team(D) within the WCHL and a Gold (exhibition) team.  All three Brew City teams had great accomplishments and fun throughout the year. The A team took first in their division coat tailing on the former White (B) Team's success. The Grey team proved to be victorious as well in their division. The D team also had many accomplishments and although they did not place in the playoffs, had much success throughout the season. The Gold team had a ton of fun bringing in more women with interest to the sport!
In 2011 our travel teams have grown to 4 teams competing in the Red (A), Grey (B2), Blue (C) and Green (D) divisions in the WCHL. The Red team competed at the USA Hockey National Championships. The Grey team was a high contender at playoffs falling a bit short. The Blue team continued to grow and the Green team proved to have many skating showing their hockey growth.
We continue with our four travel teams, summer league, scrimmage group, off ice training and friendships.
In addition to the four travel teams, we brought back the Exhibition team, re-naming as the Rec Team, offering a place for those who don't want to travel a fun team to play on.  We continued with our scrimmage group and summer league.
We continue to thrive with the four travel teams and the Rec team.
There were many new faces and a few that have ventured on keeping our four travel teams and Rec teams going strong.
The four travel teams: Red, White, Blue and Green teams all made it to the WCHL playoffs. The Red and Blue teams took home the Championship while the White and Green team took 2nd place. Quite an accomplishment!
In 2017, Metro had a very successful Shooting clinic with record numbers sign up. Once again all four of the travel teams made it to the playoffs. Although no team placed first, all played their hearts out! The Red team competed at Nationals again this year in the C Division taking 3rd Place!  Our teams continue to change and grow as players venture on and more come in.
Another successful year for the Brew City Blades travel teams with the White team fighting successfully for the first place win and the Blue team also making an appearance as well.  We also celebrated the 10th Annual Brew City Showdown with our most successful tournament yet making significant donations to area charities and fun had by all!
We ended the season with some high and lows on our travel teams. The colors that the WCHL were using have been change to division numbers 1 thru 7. We ran a D2, D3, D4 and D6 team this year. All team had their struggles and successes. Many new fases as we go thru our growing spurt. Another successful year with our Brew City Showdown!!
2020 The year began like any other year only to find that our travel season would be cut short as the world would forever be changed by Covid 19. The WCHL playoffs were cancelled, Brew City showdown cancelled, all Spring and Summer programs cancelled. WCHL canceled the 2020-21 season. Not much to report for 2020 in the way of hockey. 
We are working to get back on the ice with the scheduling of out Spring and Summer leagues. Here's to hopping this year brings us lots of hockey.