Q: I do not know how to skate but want to play hockey. What do I do?
A: We offer and support programs for the beginner skater. Check it out on our programs page. Need more information, contact us.
Q: Hockey is expensive. What if I'm not sure I want to play but want to try it out first? What kind of equipment do I need?
A: You must wear full gear on the ice. If you are just getting started contact us, we have used gear for you to use until you get your own gear. If you are working on getting your own gear, you will need breezers (hockey pants), shin guards, shoulder and elbow pads, helmet with a cage or shield, gloves, skates and a stick. You will also need hockey socks, a jill or garter belt and jersey.
Q: What does Metro offer?
A: Metro offers Summer House League for all skill levels, Scrimmage group, currently 4 competitive travel teams in the Women's Central Hockey League(WCHL), Rec (exhibition) team (providing there is enough interest) and we support beginner clinics. Something for everyone.
Q: How old do I need to be to play hockey?
A: 18 years or older.
Q: How do I get on the email list to get updates about Metro programs and Brew City Hockey?
A: Sign up on our Contact page. Or email us and we will get you on our list. mmwhockey@gmail.com
Q: I want to play on a travel team, how do I join?
A: Contact us-fill in your information and we will get back to you with instructions on registration.   Currently we have 4 travel teams of different skill levels, A, B, C and D. We hold a tryout session each year where your skill level will be evaluated by outside evaluators. Room permitting, you will be placed on a team according to your tryout results. For those skaters who cannot commit to a travel team, we periodically offer a Rec team comprised of skaters of all skill levels that play a majority of their games at the Pettit National Ice Center during the winter season. 
Q: How much commitment is needed for a travel team?
A: We understand that we all have other responsibilities such as school, work, family, kids, etc. Our travel season typically runs from October through March. We typically schedule on average 18 games and 12 practices.  As a full time skater you are expected to attend 75% of all games and practices. If you feel you cannot commit the time, we ask that you sign up for sub status or on our rec/exhibition team
Q: I can't commit as a full time skater on a travel but want to be a sub. What do I do?
A: Contact us and let us know. You may be placed on a team of your skill level. If your skill level is not known, you will need to be evaluated by one of our coaches. The fee for games is $15, practice $10. Pay per session.
Q: When/where are the games and practices. 
A: Games and practices are generally scheduled on Saturday and/or Sunday each week. Our home rink is Pettit National Ice Center. Some ice times are scheduled at Eble Ice Arena. Game times are generally between 10am and 7pm, with a few exceptions. Travel includes, but is not limited to Madison, Appleton, Janesville, Green Bay, Fond Du Lac, Sun Prairie and Northern IL. Games are not scheduled over the Holiday weekends. The WCHL schedule meeting is the 2nd week in September; final game schedules will not be available until after the 2nd week in Sept
Q: What about jerseys for travel teams?
A: Full time players will receive both a home and away jersey and socks. Cost of the jersey set and socks is $150 and must be paid before you receive your jerseys. 
Q: How many players are on a travel team?
A: We can have up to 21 rostered players per team. (per WCHL rules) Generally 13-15 players will typically be called in for each game including subs when full time players are not available. 
Q: How much are fees for a full time skater on a travel team?
A: The average cost is $450 for a full time skater.  A deposit for the season ($200) will be due on or before the date of the All Team Meeting which typically takes place in early September. The remainder of the fees will be due on or before November 1st. The cost is subject to change depending on ice fees.
Q: How much are fees for a full time goalie on a travel team?
A. Goalies pay ½ the skater fee, on average $225 due on or before the date of the All Team Meeting. 
Q. What if I can't pay my travel team fees on the required dates?
A. The $200 deposit must be paid by the All Team Meeting to secure your roster spot-no exceptions. Contact our treasurer (ferball00@hotmail.com) if you need to set up an installment plan for the remaining fees. 
Q: What months is your travel team season?
A: October thru March.
Q: Do you play in tournaments?
A: Yes, teams play in a variety of tournaments of their choice. In the past, teams have played in tournaments in Minnesota, Madison, Chicago, Florida and Nashville. The Metro organization hosts their own tournament every spring-The Brew City Showdown. These tournaments are paid for out of pocket and are not included in team fees.
Q. Do I have to register for USA hockey?
A: Yes all skaters, goalies and coaches who join a travel team must register for USA hockey. Link for USA Hockey Registration:  http://www.usahockeyregistration.com/
Cost $45 ($40 for USA Hockey insurance, $5 for our affiliate WAHA)